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Products and Services

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    Recurring Billing Solutions

    Whether your clients are billed monthly or occasionally, our recurring billing product can charge their credit card automatically, therefore conveniently taking away their bill clutter and burden. The program can be adjusted to each payer as needed or can be a tool that is used for one-time payments. Increase your cash flow with this organizational tool that assures prompt payments.

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    Invoicing and Billing Service

    Liberty provides two solutions when you need bill pay for your customers. Customers can either pay their bill through your business website or invoices can be emailed to customers that provides a link to pay their bill and automatically fund you the money.

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    Internet Gateway Products for E-commerce

    We have all solutions to help you’re your website become the payment gateway you need.

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    The Clover® Family of Solutions

    Clover® delivers a cloud based payment system that will be the centerpiece of small and mid-sized businesses. The Clover solution is reliable, user-friendly, and innovative - built to meet the complete spectrum of payment and business management needs. Dependent upon your business needs, chose from solutions that provide a terminal option, mobile option, wireless option, and a complete POS system. Clover will deliver freedom and control to small business owners, so they can focus on their passion.

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    Mobile Texting Service

    Effectively communicate with your existing and potential customers via mobile channels to help increase brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty. We understand the needs of small to midsize merchants and offer ePNTexing, a low cost Web interface solution that allows merchants to send text messages, reminders, and alerts to their customers mobile devices. Save money, maximize efficiencies, drive in-store sales, and improve communications all with ePNTexting!

  • apple pay

    Apple Pay™

    Apple Pay is here! Apple Pay is available on the iPhone 6 and with 6 million people expected to purchase one this year alone, the demand for Apple Pay will be huge and continue to grow. We offer multiple solutions to provide your customers with an easy, safe, and secure way to tap and pay!

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    Gift Card Programs

    A great marketing tool to retain your client base and increase sales! Our Gift cards are customizable and easy to order and reorder. These cards can be used for Loyalty Programs as well.

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    PCI Compliance

    The payment brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) have mandated that all merchants who store, transmit, or process cardholder information must maintain compliance with the PCI DSS. We have a online product tool to assist you in becoming PCI Compliant and answering all your questions.